Diaspora Co.

Single Origin Guntur Sannam Chilli

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Slightly smoky, mildly spicy, and mouthwateringly complex, Diaspora's Guntur Sannam chilli is an organic heirloom variety chilli pepper that goes well with practically everything, though we think it lends itself especially to pairings with rich, fatty foods like tonkotsu ramen.

Highlighting the seasonality of spice farming, each batch is grown in small quantities using natural farming practices in the historic Indian chilli growing region of Andhra Pradesh and harvested at peak potency and freshness.

Fully traceable, the ground version is hand-pounded and free of colorants, starches, anti-caking agents and preservatives.

Sprinkle the ground version on simple fare like popcorn and fried eggs to add a little flare, or use them whole in hot cocoa or as your chilli base for ferments like kimchi to bring out its more funky depth.

Committed to transparency, each jar comes labeled with its harvest date and mill date.

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Based simultaneously in India and Oakland, California, Diaspora Co. is a queer, mission-driven business radically reinventing the spice trade. Breaking the traditional colonial-based model, Diaspora direct sources single-origin, organically farmed heirloom spices of the highest quality, all the while paying their farmers a minimum of double the standard industry rate and ensuring optimum potency and freshness.

Whole Chilli Ingredients: Organic Guntur Sannam chilli (Capsicum). Ground Chilli Ingredients: Organic Guntur Sannam chilli (Capsicum), sesame oil (Sesamum), rock salt.

Grown in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India and packed in Oakland, California.

Each jar contains 2.29 oz.