Diaspora Co.

Single-Origin Kandhamal Black Mustard


Deeply pungent like a good mustard should be, Diaspora's organic Kandhamal black mustard seeds are bursting with healthful oils, and rich with nutty, toasty flavor reminiscent of Brussels sprouts.

Highlighting the seasonality of spice farming, each batch is communally cultivated in small quantities using traditional indigenous farming practices in the Daringbadi Forests of Odisha and harvested at peak potency and freshness.

Grind to make a potent mustard condiment, or lightly fry whole in ghee or other oil to use as a crunchy topping or as a part of a tadka.

Committed to transparency, each jar comes labeled with its harvest date.

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Based simultaneously in India and Oakland, California, Diaspora Co. is a queer, mission-driven business radically reinventing the spice trade. Breaking the traditional colonial-based model, Diaspora direct sources single-origin, organically farmed heirloom spices of the highest quality, all the while paying their farmers a minimum of double the standard industry rate and ensuring optimum potency and freshness.

Ingredients: Organic, heirloom Kandhamal black mustard seeds.

Grown in Kandhamal, Odisha, India and packed in Oakland, California.

Each jar contains 2.82 oz.