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Diaspora Co.

Single Origin Nagauri Cumin


Beloved by cooks the world over, this ridiculously versatile spice adds a layer of funk and smoke necessary to a variety of dishes. Diaspora's single-origin Nagauri cumin adds an extra layer of complexity with hints of ozone and licorice.

Organically grown on Prahlad Ramji's small family farm in the flavor-concentrating scorching hot temperatures of India's Thar Desert, it is the fruit of intense heat and sandy desert soil.

Highlighting the seasonality of spice farming, each batch is grown in small quantities  and harvested at peak potency and freshness.

Grind into a powder as a part of a taco seasoning, or use whole in jeera rice or lamb meatballs.

Committed to transparency, each jar comes labeled with its harvest date.

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Based simultaneously in India and Oakland, California, Diaspora Co. is a queer, mission-driven business radically reinventing the spice trade. Breaking the traditional colonial-based model, Diaspora direct sources single-origin, organically farmed heirloom spices of the highest quality, all the while paying their farmers a minimum of double the standard industry rate and ensuring optimum potency and freshness.

Ingredients: Organic, heirloom Nagauri cumin seeds.

Grown in Inana, Rajasthan, India and packed in Oakland, California.

Each jar contains 1.94 oz.