Slow Food: The Case for Taste
Slow Food: The Case for Taste
Slow Food: The Case for Taste

Carlo Petrini

Slow Food: The Case for Taste

Slow Food: The Case for Taste

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From the jacket: "How often in the course and crush of our daily lives do we afford ourselves moments to truly relish – to truly be present in – the act of preparing and eating food? For most of us, our enjoyment of food has fallen victim to the frenetic pace of our lives and to our increasing estrangement, in a complex commercial economy, from the natural processes by which food is grown and produced. Packaged, artificial, and unhealthful, fast food is only the most dramatic example of the degradation of food in our lives, and of the deeper threats to our cultural, political, and environmental well-being...

Slow Food not only recalls the origins, first steps, and international expansion of the [slow food] movement from the perspective of its founder, it is also a powerful expression of the organization's goal of engendering social reform through the transformation of our attitudes about food and eating."

Foreword written by Alice Waters, the California chef often credited with the creation of the American farm-to-table movement.

Hard cover.

Edition: 2001.

Condition: New.

Measures ~5"x7". pages.

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