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Saba Jam

Organic Tayberry Rose Jam


A cross between blackberries and red raspberries, the tayberry is the best of both worlds. Playfully balanced with delicate rose petals, this berry jam is simultaneously sweet, tart, and aromatic.

Pair with ricotta and brioche toast for a decadent breakfast, or smear on top of venison for an elegant dinner entrée.

Other flavors available: Blueberry Verjus and Aprium Noyaux.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, semi-nomadic Good Food Award-winning Saba Jam makes hyper-seasonal small-batch preserves from organic and locally grown fruits.

Ingredients: Organic Yerena Farm tayberries, Shiraz rose petals, organic sugar, organic lemon juice.

Slow made by hand with seasonal fruits in San Francisco, California.

Each jar contains 8 oz.