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Booch Beanie in Plant-Dyed 'Sumac'

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Unapologetically retro in its plant dyed color scheme, this '70s style chunky knit beanie will keep you cozy and warm through the cooler seasons. With its versatile design, it sits well both folded, unfolded, or rolled, whatever your preference. Wonderfully weighty and dense.

Flexible knit fits well on most.

Limited edition.

Materials: GOTS certified organic cotton (pre-treated with earth salts and sunlight, and naturally dyed with madder [Rubia tinctorum] root, sappanwood [Biancaea sappan], and thorny acacia [Vachellia nilotica] bark) organic cotton tag, organic cotton thread.

Made in India: Organic cotton grown, dyed, and knit in India.

STORY mfg takes their time crafting innovatively retrospective organic fabrics into distinctive pieces of slow fashion. Almost all of their materials, from the cotton to the dye plants, grow within just a few miles of their forest studio in Tamil Nadu, India. STORY is constantly finding new ways to reduce their environmental impact, striving not just for sustainable and ethical fashion, but for truly 'positive products'.