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New York Heartwoods

Spatula in Reclaimed Walnut Wood

$78.00 $62.40

A unique, angular take on a kitchen tool no one should be without. Handcrafted from rescued local walnut trees and traditionally finished with flaxseed oil, craft both casual meals and formal dinners knowing your spatula is truly food-safe and plastic-free.

Because of its natural finish, this spatula can be composted at end of life.

Also available in Cherry and Maple woods. 

Utilizing felled urban trees otherwise set to be burned, chipped, or landfilled, New York Heartwoods transforms materials that would normally become waste into gorgeous, sustainable woodworks.

To care for natural wood products, re-oil as needed (when they look dry, or every ~6 months) with organic flaxseed oil. To clean, wash with gentle soap, rinse, and wipe dry. Do not soak for extended periods, or clean in dishwasher.

Materials: Walnut wood, flaxseed oil finish.

Harvested, designed and made in New York's Hudson Valley.

Measures 12.5” long and 3” at the widest point.