Diana Kennedy

The Cuisines of Mexico

Credited with being the book that changed the way Americans viewed Mexican food, The Cuisines of Mexico delves deeply into the regional cuisines of the country. British-born Kennedy's voracious appetite for learning all there was to know about Mexico's culinary tradition took her through each state, to archaeological sites, and in the homes of many esteemed home cooks, culminating in a compendium of authentic recipes.

With details on special Mexican ingredients such as epazote and huitlacoche, useful tools for the Mexican kitchen, an emphasis on lard as the truest fatty base, and of course an abundance of recipes, including tortillas, pozole de Jalisco, pato en mole verde de pepita (duck in a green mole of pumpkin seeds), and champurrado (a chocolate atole).

Soft cover with some black and white illustrations and color photographs.

Edition: 1972.

Condition: Excellent for its age.

Measures ~7"x9". 391 pages.