The Door of Liberation
The Door of Liberation
The Door of Liberation

Geshé Wangyal

The Door of Liberation

The Door of Liberation

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One of the most comprehensive and authoritative books on the subject, The Door of Liberation communicates Tibetan Buddhist teachings from the original Tibetan traditionally by way of a Lama, the first of its kind not translated through Western concepts.

Featuring an in-depth introduction including a brief history of the lineage of Buddhist teachings, as well as sayings, sermons, and poems. The poems in particular are considered the most lucid explanations of the highest abstract truths of Buddhist philosophy, and come accompanied by detailed instructions for the practice and meditation through which these truths can be realized.

Hard cover.

Edition: 1973.

Condition: Very good vintage, minus some tears to the dust jacket.

Measures ~6"x9". 323 pages.

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