Mary Frances Davidson

The Dye-Pot


A natural dyeing classic, Mary Frances Davidson provides thorough instruction specifically for coloring wool with plants and minerals. Starting with how to prepare the wool for taking color, covering mordants*, and then opening up to recipes utilizing the wide variety of dye plants native to America (with the only exceptions being madder, cochineal, and indigo**, as they are sort of the world's natural dye standards). A quick key to color and glossary of terms are provided towards the end.

Soft cover.

Edition: 1970.

Condition: Impeccable, with an adorable label marking the previous owner on the inside cover.

Measures ~6"x9". 27 pages.

*Some of the mordants mentioned have since been discovered to be highly toxic. We recommend against using these and ask that you research appropriate alternatives.

**Among the indigo dyeing techniques are some that employ toxic compounds such as hydrosulphite. Though this is still a common chemical shortcut in indigo reduction, we advise against it and recommend engaging in non-toxic practices also outlined in this text.