🌱 Design-focused sustainability, from closet to kitchen 🌱 🌱 Design-focused sustainability, from closet to kitchen 🌱

Ken Kern

The Healthy House


An owner-builder's guide to biological building, The Healthy House is a masterpiece of exhaustive detail that covers the entire scope of practical and philosophical considerations regarding the construction of a natural and non-toxic abode.

Beginning with a critique of conventional home design and its psychological implications, and moving on to explore the many elements that make up the skin and skeleton of a living structure, Kern dives deep into the subjects of light, sound, heat, air, water, and building materials to give the reader a broad ranging yet astoundingly detailed overview of whatmakes a 'Healthy House'.

Soft cover with black and white illustrations throughout.

Edition: 1978.

Condition: Excellent vintage. Former owner's stamp on title page.

Measures ~5"x8". 140 pages.