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Lucy Lippard

The Lure of the Local: Senses of Place in a Multicentered Society


Immensely influential art writer Lucy Lippard weaves together an epic series of cultural studies, history, geography, photography, and contemporary public art to create a fascinating exploration of our collective sense of place. Discussing the myriad ways in which place is created, defined, and held by individuals as well as communities, she implores of the reader to reconsider and perhaps even redefine their relationship with place, if nothing else to recognize the symbiotic relationship between ourselves and 'it'.

Dives deep into intersectional discussions of colonization, gentrification, and environmental racism. Full of poignant quotes from voices such as Michel Foucault, Langston Hughes, and Gretel Ehrlich.

Signed by the author.

Hard cover with both black and white and color photographs throughout.

Edition: 1997.

Condition: Like new.

Measures ~8.5"x9.5". 328 pages.