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Edward Abbey

The Monkey Wrench Gang


A rare copy of the original out-of-print edition of Abbey's infamous fictionalized account of four environmental activists and their dedication to destroying dams, bulldozers, and other machinery and infrastructure in the name of protecting wilderness, wild spaces and ecosystems.

For the gang, the enemy is those who would develop the American Southwest—despoiling the land, befouling the air, and destroying nature and the sacred purity of Abbey's beloved desert world. Their greatest energy is focused on the Glen Canyon Dam, a monolithic edifice of concrete that the monkey-wrenchers seek to destroy because it dams one of the world's most epic and beautiful wild rivers.

Hard cover.

Edition: 1975, first edition.

Condition: Well worn, with a beautiful vintage patina. Interior is in good sturdy condition, with the dust jacket having taken most of the damage. Sweet handwritten note on the inside front cover page.

Measures ~6.5"x9".  pages.