Dick Konizeski

The Montanans' Fishing Guide


A deliciously vintage and seriously comprehensive guide to the fishable lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams of the state of Montana East of the Continental Divide, from small, unnamed ponds high in the hills of the Beartooth Mountains to the epic Yellowstone River.

Primarily a straightforward compilation of information, peppered with a bit of candid color from the author's personal experience fishing in Big Sky country.

Contains detailed information on how to locate obscure, far off-the-beaten-track (many accessible only by foot or horseback) water bodies for truly remote fishing and quietude, the breeds of fish available where and when, and other wildlife likely to be spotted in the areas.

Soft cover with black and white photographs and color illustrations throughout.

Edition: 1970.

Condition: Like a fine wine, aged to perfection. Signed by the author on the dedication page.

Measures ~6"x9". 359 pages.