Carbon Steel Ikenobo Scissors


Incredibly hearty but comfortably light, these floral pruning scissors are made of lightweight carbon steel, a unique material both beautiful and practical. A tool especially designed for ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, its short, strong blades focus energy more easily than other styles of pruning scissors, allowing you to cut thick, knotty branches without exhaustion.

The acute angle of the blades cuts fibers without compressing them, allowing for better water absorption, and therefore a longer lasting arrangement. Conversely, the curved ends of the handle are used for crushing the ends of hard stems, which in turn also aids their preservation.

Kiya has been offering high-quality knives, scissors, and other tools since its establishment in historic Nihombashi, Tokyo since 1792.

Materials: Carbon steel.

Designed and made in Japan.

Measures 7”x2”.