Vintage Levi's Jacket in Colorganic® Brown Denim


Batwing sleeved, boxy-fit vintage Levi's jacket in unbelievably good condition. Size large. Part of a brief, forward-looking collaboration between Levi's and Sally Fox in the early 1990's. Features silver Levi's tab on front pocket.

Naturally colored cottons are heirloom varieties of cotton with roots tracing back thousands of years, that contain brown, green, or reddish pigments within their fibers. These breeds exhibit not only uniquely beautiful undyed hues, but also offer greater resistance to UV radiation, bacterial growth, mildew, and water due their substantially higher concentrations of tannins and protective waxes in comparison to white cotton. Naturally colored cottons are more drought tolerant and pest resistant, making them easier to grow organically.

Levi's Naturals was a short-lived early 1990s collaborative campaign between renowned colored cotton breeder Sally Fox and the denim giant Levi's. Crafting their staple jeans and jackets with undyed naturally colored cotton, much of which was grown organically, the project mysteriously ended, and remnants of its existence have mostly faded into history.

As is natural with all vintage items, this jacket may show signs of wear. Please see all photos for reference.

Materials: Undyed Colorganic®* coyote-brown cotton. Other materials unknown.

Designed, grown and sewn in USA.

*Colorganic® cotton is naturally pigmented, undyed, and grown organically.