Full Circle Wool

Wool Sponges


Designed primarily to be used in the kitchen, these climate-beneficial* wool sponges can also be used on bathroom countertops or on the skin. Delicate enough to use on glass and fine china without scratching, but sturdy enough to scrub stubborn grit off cast iron pans.

These make a fantastic and sustainable alternative to synthetic dish sponges and even natural sea sponges, as wool is both more abundant and easily harvested. Wool is also naturally antimicrobial and antifungal, and as such will not easily harbor bacteria or develop a smell. Depending on the amount of usage, these sponges can last for many years, and then at the end of their life are fully compostable.

Care instructions: Rinse with warm water, squeeze out, and lay flat to dry. Putting these out in the sun for a bit will naturally sanitize them.

Materials: Undyed pasture-raised sheep wool.

Raised and made in Northern California.

Each sponge measures 5”x5” originally and will over time shrink down to about 3”x3”.

*Climate-beneficial wool is a product of carbon farming, a suite of land management practices designed to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and sequester it back into the ground, aiding climate change reversal and stewarding landscapes.