Gustie L. Herrigel

Zen in the Art of Flower Arrangement

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Written in classic Zen Buddhist fashion, Zen in the Art of Flower Arrangement teaches the virtues of working with flowers and other plant materials through the Japanese floral arranging practice of ikebana.

Abundant with artfully phrased quotes such as "If he distinguishes plants from animals and both from men, he nevertheless does not believe in differences of value, as though one were higher than the other, more important and more valuable in the meaning and purpose of its being. It may well be that a flower or a branch of blossom reflects the pattern of life more purely than the man who deems himself an exceptional phenomenon."

Hard cover with black and white illustrations throughout.

Edition: 1958, first edition.

Condition: Beautifully aged, with a 'property of' sticker on the inside cover and some obvious tears to the dust jacket.

Measures ~5"x7.5".