Studio Visit with Potters Matt Fishman & Kate Gibbs

Studio Visit with Potters Matt Fishman & Kate Gibbs

In a sunny window between the late winter rains recently, we had the pleasure of visiting with Matt Fishman and Kate Gibbs at their studios in Oakland. Their pottery work is some of the most inspiring we've come across, and we feel so fortunate to carry and represent their work at Housework. Partners in pottery, Matt and Kate focus on utilizing local clays and local minerals that they forage, formulate, and fire themselves. Together they collaboratively create unique functional ceramics directly inspired by the Northern California terroir, in both a literal and aesthetic sense.

In their words: 

"The goal for us is to help contribute to ceramics what Chez Panisse did for food; to cultivate an interest and respect for the materials unique to our region, to use them simply and honestly in order to develop a terroir-based aesthetic that serves the people and restaurants of the area."

Scroll down to get a behind-the-scenes look at their pottery in the making.

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