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About Housework

Housework is a retail project founded on the idea of a holistic household – a living space in which all aspects of all objects are given careful consideration. Consideration as to how they were made, by whom, with what materials, from where, with what physical impact on the maker, the user, the earth, with what emotional impact on those same beings, and then ultimately their functionality, durability, and end of life.

We focus on sourcing products that are entirely plastic-free and made from natural, non-toxic materials down to the finer details such as dyes and stitching for clothing, the finishes of wood products, and the glazes and clays of ceramics and stoneware. Our collections are designed to encourage engagement with your home, its upkeep, and the world beyond it by stocking intentional goods of impeccable craftsmanship made from truly natural materials that reward use and age well alongside you. There will always be housework, but if we are able to find patience and even pleasure within it, we might better achieve peace within ourselves.

As a holistic business, we seek to reflect our ideals throughout Housework. From our shipping and packing materials, to our in-depth product and materials research, to our prompt order fulfillment and customer service. There is so much noise in today's retail world - we would like to bring some peace and quiet to the table.