Recipe: Pourover Dirty Chai

Recipe: Pourover Dirty Chai

Especially in these deep winter months, we can't resist a hot cozy cup (or two) of something tasty. Usually we go for coffee, often we go for masala chai (more so now that we've got Diaspora Co,'s Masala Chai blend in store!), and when we simply can't decide between the two we make dirty chais with our signature mix of masala chai, coffee, sugar, milk, and salt. We love the ritual of pour over coffee, and the flavor achieved by using our Ebb organic cotton coffee filters is pretty hard to beat.

Here's how we've been making ours lately (serves 2):

2g sea salt
40g cane sugar
40-60g milk of choice, to taste (we tend to go for unpasteurized cow's milk or coconut milk)
24g light to medium roast coffee, ground (the more local and freshly roasted the better - our local NorCal favorites are Black Oak, Linea, and Retrograde)
2g Chai Masala
480g water at 200°F

If you like your drink piping hot like we do, we recommend starting by boiling some water and pouring that into the teapot below your pourover dripper. After letting that heat absorb for a minute, pour that same water into your cups to warm them up as well. There's usually a bit of hot water still left over at this point, and if you're using a reusable cloth coffee filter like we do we recommend pouring the remaining water over it to warm it up as well.

Next add the sugar, salt, and milk to the teapot. Add both your coffee and masala chai to the filter, and begin your pourover process. Once you're done brewing, set your grounds aside for composting, stir your sweetened, salted, and spiced beverage well, and serve.
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