Wild Nettle Exfoliating Cloth


Handknit nettle is one of the best materials for face and body exfoliation, with just the right amount of roughness to its texture to exfoliate effectively without being abrasive or damaging to delicate skin. These washcloths lather soap evenly throughout, and are extremely thin and breathable, enabling them to dry quickly without getting musty. Just give a quick squeeze and hang on a rack or out on the clothesline.

The nettle variety (Girardinia diversifolia) that goes into these exfoliating cloths grows natively in the Himalayas of Eastern Nepal where they are wild-harvested, processed, and knit by hand by a Kulung women-owned cooperative. Nettle grows vigorously in this area without any irrigation or cultivation beyond the annual harvests, making it a truly sustainable fiber.

As an entirely natural product, cloths are compostable at end of life.

Note: Color and pattern vary between cloths, but they're all beautiful.

Materials: Wild Himalayan nettle (Girardinia diversifolia) fiber.

Harvested and handmade in Nepal.

Measures ~8"x10".