Studio Tupla x Housework

Handwoven Prairie Towels in Undyed Colorganic® Cotton


Inspired by the intersections of mathematical systems and the natural world, these Housework-exclusive handwoven towels from master weaver Carol Rajala Johnson of Studio Tupla are equally deserving of being framed for display as they are of years of daily use.

The playful bands of color running vertically through the towels intersect with twill and basketweave structures carefully placed within a rigid geometric grid, utilizing exclusively undyed shades of brown, green, and white organic cotton. The interplay between these elements creates a playful, pseudo-randomized landscape reflective of natural prairie topography.

The full weaving pattern is entirely non-repetitive, and each full size bath towel begins from a new place in the sequence, with the smaller towel sizes each representing a different subset of the larger towel structure. This means that each piece's weave is fundamentally unique, while still preserving the aesthetic identity of the 'Prairie' style.

Woven with functional performance equally in mind to aesthetics, these towels are absorbent, quick-drying, incredibly soft, and are designed for 10+ years of regular use with frequent washing. Before first use, wash in hot water and dry on high heat, and repeat that cycle two to three times. This process removes naturally occurring waxes in the cotton that can limit its absorbency, which improves with each use.

Naturally colored cottons are heirloom varieties of cotton with roots tracing back thousands of years, that contain brown, green, or reddish pigments within their own fibers. These breeds exhibit not only uniquely beautiful undyed hues, but also offer greater resistance to UV radiation, bacterial growth, mildew, staining, and water due their substantially higher concentrations of tannins and protective waxes in comparison to white cotton. Naturally colored cottons are more drought tolerant and pest resistant, making them easier to grow organically.

Wash in hot water and dry on high heat or hang on clothesline in a warm, sunny location.

Materials: Undyed Colorganic® naturally colored brown cotton, undyed Colorganic® naturally colored green cotton, undyed organic white cotton.

Grown, designed, and handwoven in the US.

Wash cloth measures 12"x12". Hand towel measures 19"x28". Bath towel measures 28"x52".