Horn Comb


An essential tool for detangling hair, especially before brushing. The fine tooth comb is best suited to straight and/or fine hair, and the medium tooth is better for slightly thicker or wavier hair.

Horn is an ideal material for combs, as both hair and horn are primarily made up of the same material - keratin. Thick, substantial, and incredibly smooth, these combs don't snag, and can withstand the pressure of brushing out thick knots. Their shape distributes oils evenly, and feels lovely on the scalp. Being free of plastic, you won't get any static buildup.

Some hair types only need a comb for perfect hair, while others use them to detangle before brushing. If you start brushing without first detangling your hair, you damage your brush over time, and don't receive the full conditioning benefits of brushing with natural materials.

Note that as horn is a natural material, the color and marbling pattern will vary from comb to comb, ranging from translucent pale yellows to deep, solid blacks.

Materials: Cow horn.

Designed and made in Denmark of Danish and Nigerian cow horn.

Measures 5.5”x1.5”.