Shuro Palm Broom


Broom as functional art – a beautiful tool that encourages its own use. The simple act of sweeping becomes therapeutic with these Edo-style artisan brooms.

Utilizing the bark of windmill palms, or shuro, the fibers are strong without being coarse, and are well suited for a variety of flooring. The natural pliability of shuro allows these brooms to pick up dust, dirt, and hair with ease, and their natural fibers mean no static, making for easy cleaning.

Features a twine attachment made of the same palm for hanging display and easy accessibility.

Intended for indoor use only.

Pair with a washi dustpan to help yourself look forward to sweeping daily.

Materials: Shuro palm (Trachycarpus fortunei) fibers, Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa) handle, kakishibu (persimmon [Diospyros] tannin) sealant, stainless steel wire, windmill palm twine.

Designed and made in Kishu, Japan from both Japanese and Chinese materials.

The short broom measures 33” long and 9” wide, and the long broom measures 44’ long and 9” wide.

Pictured in use with the Harimi Dustpan in Benigara Black.