Herd Supply Co.

Wool Gardening Pellets


A more sustainable organic gardening alternative to perlite, these wool pellets hold up to 20% of their weight in water, allowing them to slowly release water only when the plant needs it. As the wool absorbs water, the pellets will expand, allowing for optimal root growth. They will biodegrade over the course of 6 months, but are hardly visible after 2-3 months. As they break down, the wool helps to aerate the soil.

Wool pellets also work well to repel snails. Simply sprinkle some around your plants in need of protecting to keep snails at bay.

Made entirely of scrap wool upcycled and diverted from the waste stream, helping support American ranchers and farmers.

For best results: Use at about a 5:95 wool pellet to potting soil ratio (~.5 cups per gallon of soil). 

Informed by her intimate experience growing up on her family's sheep farm in Glastonbury, Connecticut, Leah Beckett founded Herd Supply Co. – a mission-driven business aiming to make use of high micron count, rough American wool which would otherwise go to waste, creating useful products that help reduce plastic production and pollution.

Ingredients: Felted wool.

Made in Connecticut from Utah-sourced wool.

Mini size contains 4 oz. Full size contains 8 oz.