Ihada Brass Light Switches + Plates

MADE TO ORDER: Lead Time Varies

A simple but transformative design element, these tactile sand-casted light switch plates are made to age beautifully and last a lifetime. Brass is revered for the subtle patina it develops over time, slowly transforming and becoming more tied to people and place, deepening in both complexity and meaning.

Each switch plate is outfitted with a brass toggle designed to be pleasant to the touch in every use. Available in a variety of interchangeable plate and toggle combinations in order to fit any environment and aesthetic.

Each set comes with brass plate, 3-way power brass toggle(s), brass toggle cover(s), brass nut cover(s), and brass minus screws. Embedded switch box and crimp terminal are not included.

Toggle Switches are certified as follows:

UL1054 (15A 125V AC, 6A 250V AC, 200W 125V AC)

Part of Futagami's Matureware line of artisan crafted hardware.

Based in Takaoka, Japan, Futagami has been crafting brass goods since 1897. With origins in Buddhist brass tradition, they maintain true to their roots with an unwavering attention to quality craftsmanship while exploring modern homeware aesthetics.

Materials: Lead-free brass plate, lead-free brass toggle(s), lead-free brass toggle cover(s), lead-free brass nut cover(s), lead-free brass screws.

Designed and made in Japan.


Small Circle - 81mm x 81mm x 9mm
Small Hexagon - 78mm x 90mm x 9mm
Small Square - 70mm x 70mm x 9mm
Tall Rectangle - 70mm x 120mm x 9mm
Large Square - 116mm x 120mm x 9mm
Wide Rectangle - 162mm x 120mm x 9mm

Notes: Installation must be done by a licensed electrician. Contact us for detailed professional drawings.

LEAD TIME: Due to their popularity and the inherently slow nature of traditional manufacturing, production lead time may vary significantly, and is currently expected to be several months. Orders are produced in the order they are received, and cannot be cancelled.