Seed Sharing

Thank you for your interest in the Housework Seed Share! We would love to help share your seeds with our community.

All types of seeds (fruit, vegetable, medicinal, fiber, etc.) saved from personal garden-grown plants or purchased commercial seed company packets are accepted as long as they meet the below criteria.

Before contacting us, please see the following guidelines for seed sharing:

    • There is no minimum or maximum donation amount. If you have just one very special seed you would like to donate, we are happy to take them under our wing. When it comes to taking from the Seed Share, we ask that you only take what you need and can grow this season.
    • Please send seeds harvested from natural farming methods only – e.g. organic, biodynamic, Korean natural farming, etc. Please do not send seeds grown with synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Wild-harvested seeds are also accepted, but please be mindful when it comes to the possibility of a plant being especially aggressive/invasive.
    • In order to promote and preserve the diversity of seeds, heirloom seedstock is highly encouraged, but not a requirement.
    • The fresher, the better – please only send seeds which will be viable at least through the end of the current growing year.
    • No GMOs, please.


All inquiries may be directed to subject line: SEED SHARE and let us know what you have to share. Please note that we have limited storage space, so if we already have an abundance of something you're hoping to offer we unfortunately won't be able to accept those seeds for the time being.

Once your seeds are approved, we will provide instructions for shipping. Please include as much of the following information as possible with your submission:

  • Seed type:              
  • Variety:
  • Seed harvest date:
  • Most recent USDA growing zone:
  • Farming method applied:
  • Grows well in containers:  Y/N
  • Other grower’s notes:

Upon receipt, we will issue you a free shipping credit that you can use on any future order with or without seeds.

If you would like to support the Seed Share project but have no seeds to contribute, please consider leaving a 'tip' on the checkout page to help us continue this work.


To ensure maximum access to free seeds, only one seed order may be placed per person per growing season.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of the seed sharing platform, Housework does not hold any responsibility for the accuracy of seed sharer's information or for the viability of seeds. The Housework Seed Share is a free community resource founded on trust and reciprocity.

NOTE: Some seeds may be toxic when ingested  do not consume.