De JONG & Co.

Brower Shelves

MADE TO ORDER: Ships in 10-14 Weeks

An elegant open storage solution for those looking to keep a minimalist organization system close at hand and well in view, the Brower Shelves are made up of six solid wood shelves supported by two sets of half-round uprights. Finished with thick, solid brass hardware, they withstand the weight of a heavy library with ease.

Designed with contemporary aesthetics, and built using old world, traditional techniques, this versatile floor-to-ceiling shelving system makes itself at home in a variety of domestic spaces.

Constructed exclusively from FSC certified, sustainable American-sourced hardwoods and finished for Housework with De JONG's in-house wood butter, a truly natural, non-toxic, petroleum byproduct-free blend of organic oils and waxes, with no particleboard or fiberboard elements.

Available in three wood varieties: Maple (lightest), Oak (mid-range), and Walnut (darkest). Pictured in Oak.

Based in Los Angeles, De JONG & Co. is truly a family affair – this design forward woodworks company is run by a family of 7. With combined histories in interior and furniture design, sculpture, and construction, the De Jongs have articulated a uniquely sophisticated collection of products for the contemporary home and lifestyle.

Materials: Maple (Acer), oak (Quercus), or walnut (Juglans) wood finished with food-safe wood butter (organic walnut [Juglans] oil, organic orange [Citrus sinensis] oil, organic beeswax, candelilla [Euphorbia antisyphilitica] wax, organic carnauba [Copernicia prunifera] wax), polyvinyl acetate joinery adhesive.

Designed and made in Los Angeles.

Measures 72" wide, 84" tall, 21" deep.

*Imagery courtesy of De JONG & Co.