11.11 / Eleven Eleven

Cocoon Coat in Handspun & Handwoven Iron Gray Wool


Enveloping and immersive, the Cocoon Coat is a rare article of truly natural, functional winter outerwear. Weighing in at nearly 4lbs of handspun, handwoven, and hand felted Ladakh wool, in a style similar to Casentino wool. Each piece is naturally dyed a steely winter gray, and is fully silk lined with finely handwoven Ahimsa silk, adding comfort and an additional layer of insulation and warmth.

The felted boiled wool acts as both a windbreaker and a highly water-resistant shell due to its tight weave and naturally occurring lanolin. Heavyweight wool is able to get covered in snow with near zero temperature transfer, and is still insulating even when wet.

With a boxy torso and wide kimono-style sleeves to accommodate any kind of underlayering. The 3/4 length silhouette fits flexibly on a wide variety of body types.

Features two exterior pockets and in an inner breast pocket hand-embroidered with a sheep unique to each coat, an ode to the source of the coat's fiber. Seams are thickly stitched with heavyweight organic cotton embroidery thread for prolonged durability.

Naturally self-cleaning, wool repels water and dirt, and its keratin content breaks down sweat that may accumulate on the surface of the fiber during wear, making woolen items extremely easy to care for. Allow woolens to air out for one full day after each wear for best results.

Bridging traditional Indian textile arts and contemporary design, Mia Morikawa and Shani Himanshu's 11.11 / eleven eleven works with handloomed fabrics and traditional plant dyes to produce easy-wearing, sometimes virtuosic, versatile pieces to fit a modern lifestyle.

Materials: Handspun, handwoven, and hand-felted Indigenous Ladakh wool (naturally dyed with fermented iron and jaggery), Ahimsa silk lining (naturally dyed with fermented iron and jaggery), naturally-dyed-to-match silk-covered recycled wood buttons, Merino wool embroidery thread, organic cotton stitching thread, organic cotton tags.

Designed in the US, slow-made from sheep to final stitch in India.

Model is 6' and wearing a size M/L.

Pictured worn with Iron Gray Pleated Taper Trousers.