Behind the Hill

Housework-Exclusive Earth Pillow in Undyed 'Tierra' Organic Cotton


Made entirely by hand from harvest to spindle to loom, these undyed naturally colored cotton pillows tell a story – about where they're from, who tended the cotton from which they're made, and the rich relationship cultivated between cotton and Indigenous people for centuries.

Housework-exclusive editions include Climate Beneficial™* wool stuffed organic cotton pillow inserts made by Full Circle Wool and brass/organic cotton zipper enclosures.

Designed in a versatile size and shape, these pillows make a wonderful accent to a bed or sofa, and work great to provide lumbar support in a firmer chair.

Free of dyes, these beautiful colors are grown naturally by the cotton flower. 

Sold individually.

Also available in Sand.

Care instructions: Wash separately in a delicates cycle using cold water and tumble dry low or hang out in the sunshine.

Naturally colored cottons are heirloom varieties of cotton with roots tracing back thousands of years, that contain brown, green, or reddish pigments within their own fibers. These breeds exhibit not only uniquely beautiful undyed hues, but also offer greater resistance to UV radiation, bacterial growth, mildew, staining and water due their substantially higher concentrations of tannins and protective waxes in comparison to white cotton. Naturally colored cottons are more drought tolerant and pest resistant, making them easier to grow organically.

Behind the Hill is a woman-owned textile company based in Brooklyn, New York creating subtle statement pieces for home decor out of exclusively wild growing naturally colored cottons in partnership with Indigenous communities in Mexico and Guatemala who still practice traditional methods of growing, spinning, and hand weaving.

Materials: Undyed organic naturally colored cotton pillow case, undyed organic cotton pillow insert, Climate Beneficial wool batting, brass zipper, cotton brand tag, cotton thread.

Collaboratively made between New York, California, and Mexico.

Measures 14"x20".

*Climate Beneficial™ is a trademarked verification by Fibershed, a 501c3 non-profit, confirming that the fiber is grown on a farm or ranch operating under, and actively implementing, a Carbon Farm Plan. These plans are specific documents created between the farm or ranch and a third-party biologist, usually through a local Resource Conservation District (RCD) or Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) office. The plans identify and quantify on-farm practices that sequester carbon out of the atmosphere, thus giving real data on climate change amelioration associated with verified fiber products.