Lichen Goods

100% Wool Socks in Indigo


Socks so natural you can compost them. Made from the wool of Bluefaced Leicester sheep, whose wool is known for making good hearty socks, sustainably sourced from small farms across the UK, naturally dyed with fermented Japanese indigo* grown on the Lichen farm, and knit on a hand-powered 100-year-old manual knitting machine. Each pair of socks is a labor of love, and takes about 4-5 hours to complete.

Committed to creating a more circular fiber economy, these socks are made the old-fashioned way of 100% unbleached natural wool, worsted spun into a 4-ply yarn and knit with an especially flexible rib construction, eliminating the need for added synthetic elastic or nylon. Truly plastic-free.

Each pair comes in an organic cotton reusable bag, allowing for optimum storage protection while traveling.

Care instructions: Wool socks are naturally antimicrobial, and as such require very infrequent laundering. When it does come time to give your socks a wash (we recommend no more than once a season), hand wash cold or run in a machine on a delicates cycle using a soap with a neutral pH. Lay flat to dry.

Also available in Undyed and Usnea Bronze.

Born out of love for the earth and a rejection of mass consumerism, Lichen Goods is a small couple-run business based in rural Northern Spain dedicated to handcrafting clothing and other textile-based goods using exclusively responsibly raised and organically grown natural fibers, undyed or naturally dyed with plants they collect and cultivate themselves. All of their garments are made in small batches and can be composted at end of life.

Materials: Worsted wool (naturally dyed with fermented Japanese indigo).

Designed, handmade, and dyed in Northern Spain of British wool.

US Women's 6-10 10-13
US Men's 5-8 8-11

*Natural indigo has antimicrobial properties which are gentle on the skin, and help minimize foot odor.