Matt Fishman and Kate Gibbs

Wild California Clay Sake Cup


Organic, hand-pinched footed sake cup made from wild clay and minerals hand foraged in the Northern California wilderness. Knobby in appearance, these sweet little cups sit perfectly flat no matter how much sake you've had.

Designed with drinking sake in mind, these versatile vessels work just as well for sipping tea, espresso, or serving the little ones in your life.

Due to the nature of wild harvested materials and handmade objects, variations in color, texture, and size are to be expected and embraced.

Sold individually. Select style via dropdown menu. Selection changes frequently.

Matt Fishman and Kate Gibbs collaboratively create functional ceramics together using foraged Northern California clays and wild minerals for glazes. Their unique works draw direct inspiration from the Bay Area where their studio is based, and reflect the local terroir in both a literal and aesthetic sense. 

Materials: Wild foraged Northern California clay, wild foraged Northern California mineral glaze.

Foraged and made by hand in Berkeley, California.

Measures ~2"x2". Holds 2-3 fl. oz.