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Alysia Mazzella

Hand-Dipped Pure Beeswax Twin Flame Candles


When two become one – the Twin Flames are hand-dipped, hand-twisted, and made from 100% pure beeswax. Designed for the most special of candlelit occasions – the crossroads, endings, and new beginnings.

Beeswax burns slow and clean, emitting negative ions which neutralize airborne allergens like dust, dander, and smoke, and thereby improving household air quality.

All candles come in pairs of 2. Each candle burns about 2 hours.

Alysia Mazzella carefully crafts these sweet-smelling candles using the traditional technique of hand-dipping – building up layers of wax on a natural cotton wick by slowly and repeatedly dipping into a vat of melted wax.

Materials: Pure beeswax, cotton wick.

Handcrafted in New York with beeswax sourced from local sustainable apiaries.

Measure 8" long.