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Ihada Brass Door Hinges


Elegant and timeless, these tactile sand-casted brass door hinges are designed to age beautifully and last a lifetime. Their geometric shapes characteristic of casted objects display various reflections of light and casted shadows as the door opens and closes.

Hinges come in 2 designs, each in 2 different sizes and should be selected in accordance with the shape and orientation of the door.

Can be installed on both interior and exterior doors.

Each set includes single hinge and brass minus screws. Be sure to order quantities required for installing your door.

Part of Futagami's Matureware line of artisan crafted hardware.

Based in Takaoka, Japan, Futagami has been crafting brass goods since 1897. With origins in Buddhist brass tradition, they maintain true to their roots with an unwavering attention to quality craftsmanship while exploring modern homeware aesthetics.

Materials: Lead-free brass hinge, lead-free brass screws.

Designed and made in Japan.


Left French - 105mm x 27mm x 12.5mm
Right French - 105mm x 27mm x 12.5mm
Small Flat - 102mm x 12.5mm x 85mm
Large Flat - 107mm x 15mm x 133mm

Note: Professional installation is recommended. Contact us at hello@housework.store for technical drawings and other installation information.