Isa Dress in Hand Embroidered Indigo Kala Cotton

PRE-ORDER: Ships Early June
  • Easy-wearing full length dress
  • Naturally organic Indigenous kala cotton
  • Handspun, handwoven
  • Plant dyed
  • Hand embroidered contrast stitching
  • Single tailor construction

INDI + ASH is a fashion project founded on a deep love for artisan craft in all its forms, and an obsession with indigo. With designs that draw inspiration from global textile traditions, each piece is created to honor and elevate the work of traditional craftspeople through fair wages and community reinvestment.

Materials: Kala* cotton, cotton embroidery thread, cotton stitching thread, cotton tag. Naturally dyed with vat fermented indigo.

Made in India: Grown, dyed, and sewn in India, designed in the US.

*Kala cotton is a naturally occurring, wild-grown cotton endemic to India. It is entirely rainfed and naturally resistant to pests and pathogens, and as such is organic by nature.