Ken Kern's Masonry Stove
Ken Kern's Masonry Stove
Ken Kern's Masonry Stove

Barbara and Ken Kern

Ken Kern's Masonry Stove

Ken Kern's Masonry Stove

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An in-depth DIY instructional and history of the masonry stove from passionate homesteaders and sustainable home building advocates Ken and Barbara Kern.

From the publisher:

"The masonry stove's versatility makes it ideal for the self-sufficient household. As it heats the house it can be used for cooking and baking, for drying food and heating water, and – with its doors open – as an inviting fireplace. The stove's slow rate of heat absorption and release make it especially attractive for summertime cooking. Used in Europe for centuries, their efficient combustion makes fueling economical and cleaning almost unnecessary. They need little tending as they burn; one load of wood will keep a house warm hours after the fire has died down."

Hard cover with black and white illustrations and photographs throughout.

Edition: 1983.

Condition: Very good vintage.

Measures ~5"x8". 158 pages.

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