Tsukamoto Pottery

Mini Rice Cooker Donabe in White

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This sweet single or double-serve size donabe slowly cooks your rice to fluffy perfection.

Supremely pleasant and easy to use and a peaceful, non-toxic alternative to the modern electric rice cooker, the donabe clay pot conducts heat gradually and evenly, perfectly steaming each grain while drawing out the rice's inherent sweetness. Its ingenious double lid system allows the donabe to vent the steam as needed, preventing the pot from boiling over.

Multifunctional and all-purpose, the outer lid can double as a rice bowl, while the inner lid can serve as a rice bowl cover or measuring cup in a pinch. Prepare other grains or pseudo-grains like barley or quinoa with similar ease. 

Specifically for use on gas stovetops, over an open flame, or in an oven up to 500°F. Cannot be used on electric stovetops. Hand wash only.

Makes 1 go, the standard Japanese rice cup measurement, which equates to approximately 2 1/4 US cups.

Pair with our Hinoki Rice Cup.

Rice Cooker Donabe also available in Black.

Materials: Clay, non-toxic natural glaze.

Traditionally crafted in Tochigi, Japan.

Measures 5"x5.5" with lid. 1 go, or 18 oz. capacity.