Upcycled Horn Spreader


Ideal for spreading butter and jam, these beautiful natural horn utensils make a statement at the table. Comfortable and pleasurable to use, with an impossibly smooth texture created simply by sanding, each piece is unique and exhibits its own distinctive patterning and colors.

Hand wash only.

As an entirely natural and untreated product, these horn spreaders are biodegradable and can be composted at end of life.

Note that as horn is a natural material, the shape, as well as the color and pattern will vary from piece to piece, ranging from translucent, pale yellows to deep, solid blacks.

Sold individually.

A small family-owned enterprise, Hornvarefabrikken has been making high-quality natural horn products for home and body since 1935.

Materials: Cow horn.

Designed and made in Denmark from Danish or Nigerian cow horn.

Measures: 6".