Alaya Tea

Regenerative Organic Chamomile Tea


Sourced from organic farms at the base of the Himalayas, these subtly sweet chamomile flowers are harvested by farmers committed to preserving the health of the soil through regenerative growing practices.

The quintessential calming herbal tea, chamomile works its magic best at the end of the day or in the late afternoon. In addition to a warm cup of tea, chamomile also makes for a lovely ice cream.

Each package brews 25+ cups of tea.

Pair with our Teapot in Unglazed Porcelain.

For more ethical tea, see: Biodynamic Assam Black and Regenerative Organic Tulsi.

    Founded by veteran chai drinkers Esha Chhabra and Smita Satiani, Alaya Tea is a radically simple loose leaf tea company committed to addressing intersectional environmental challenges in India via organic, biodynamic and regenerative agricultural methods. All of their teas and herbs are responsibly grown and harvested at peak freshness in small batches by women earning living wages, and are packaged in 100% compostable packaging.

    Ingredients: Regenerative organic chamomile flowers.

    Grown in Uttar Pradesh, India, and packaged in Southern California.

    Contains 1.7 oz.