Naturally Dyed Upcycled Silk Hair Tie


Truly natural hair ties made from organic, upcycled ahimsa silk dyed with plants and minerals, and a natural rubber elastic.

Silk is minimally absorbent and creates much less friction than other natural fibers, so it doesn't rob your hair of its natural oils or cause frizziness through abrasion. This means these hair ties are more comfortable to wear both in your hair and on your wrist between hairdos than conventional hair ties. Its ultra-soft texture and the wider band help to further reduce chances for snags and breakage.

Sold individually.

As these hair ties are made entirely of natural materials, they can be composted at end of life.

Based in Southern California, Sustain makes healthy clothing and accessories from entirely natural fibers, down to the fine details like elastic and stitching thread. Everything is left either undyed or is naturally dyed in-house using traditional ayurvedic practices, allowing each piece to fully return to the earth as compost after years of use.

Materials: Upcycled, organic ahimsa silk, organic cotton thread, natural rubber elastic and natural plant and mineral dyes.

Designed, dyed, and made by hand in Los Angeles.

Each hair tie measures ~6.75" in circumference.