Bürstenhaus Redecker

Rubber Lint Brush


A handsome, plastic-free alternative to disposable lint rollers that will last you a lifetime. Composed of nothing but a wooden handle and natural rubber bristles artfully bound together with copper wire – it removes lint, dust and hair from surfaces with a mild static charge built up on contact.

Can be used on virtually any kind of textile (clothing, furniture, rugs, etc.) and is easily cleaned by hand or by running the bristles under water and then drying. For corduroy, velvet, boiled wool, and other similar fabrics, we recommend the Everyday Clothing Brush. For de-pilling woolen wear, see the Natural Pumice Stone.

Comes in a convenient travel size for on-the-go cleaning, and a larger size to keep in your closet. Grab the pair to have handy in any instance.

A small family-owned enterprise, Bürstenhaus Redecker has been making high-quality natural brushes for home and body since 1935.

Materials: Natural rubber, beechwood (Fagus sylvatica), copper wire, linseed oil finish.

Designed and made in Germany.

Travel size measures 5.5"x3”.
Full size measures 7.5"x2”.