Reusable Glass Straw


Sip naturally with an infinitely reusable, non-toxic glass straw in either straight or bent style. Uncolored, tastefully sized, and with comfortable proportions, these sustainable staples are made of highly durable borosilicate glass, which can tolerate extremes of both heat and cold.

In addition to being convenient, straws provide practical solutions – reduce teeth staining from tea and coffee by using a straw, or make it easier to drink liquids while driving.

Keep one at your place of work, another at home, and a couple in your car for on the road drink stops. Plastic-free straws are better for you and for the planet.

Straw cleaning brush sold separately.

Straw materials: Borosilicate glass*. Brush materials: Stainless steel handle, goat hair bristles.

Made in Germany.

Both straws measure 8.25" long. Brush measures 8.25" long, as well.

*Please note that borosilicate glass is only recyclable in select facilities. Check your local recycling system's limitations before attempting to recycle.