Custodian Studio

Shaker Broom with Iron Black Bristle

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Broom as functional art – a beautiful tool that encourages its own use. The simple act of sweeping becomes therapeutic with these naturally dyed Shaker-style brooms.

Slow made over the course of several weeks, these brooms are made with an abundance of care. Starting with a labor intensive sorting process, broom maker Erin Rouse hand selects the finest broomcorn bristles before soaking, drying, and dyeing with logwood and fermented iron. Using an 1890s broom making machine, the bristles are then wired and wound with copper and coaxed into their final form. The sustainably sourced Midwestern maple handles are hand shaped and faceted, and sanded until silky smooth.

The natural pliability of broomcorn allows these brooms to pick up dust, dirt, and hair with ease, and their natural fibers, in contrast to plastic bristled brooms, mean no static, making for easy cleaning.

Featuring a copper wire woven neck, waxed flax twine attachment for hanging, and sanded smooth handle left unfinished exclusive for Housework.

The Hearth size is perfect for a quick sweep, whereas the Floor broom is better for an all around cleanup. Pair with a teak dustpan to help yourself look forward to sweeping daily.

Also available in Natural Bristle.

Custodian Studio is sculptor turned broom maker Erin Rouse. With care, Erin crafts every broom from sustainably sourced Midwestern woods and domestic broomcorn using an 1890s broom making machine.

Materials: Unfinished, sanded maple (Acer) wood, broomcorn (Sorghum bicolor) bristle (naturally dyed with logwood [Haematoxylum campechianum] and fermented iron), copper wire, linen stitching thread and twine (beeswax coated and naturally dyed with logwood [Haematoxylum campechianum] and fermented iron).

Designed and made by hand in the US from American-sourced materials.

Hearth broom measures 29"x5". Floor broom measures 56"x7.5".