DEN Soils

Sustainable Cactus Soil


Designed to house your succulents' roots in climatic comfort, this Sustainable Cactus Soil blend is made up of a well-draining rocky substrate, nutrient dense biochar, and aged fir bark to aid moisture retention.

OurCarbon™ biochar, the heart of the DEN soil blends, is a charcoal product made through the pyrolysis of organic matter diverted from landfill. Used to draw down carbon from the atmosphere as well as ameliorate and enhance soil activity, a little goes a long way. This container of soil represents 10 lbs. of sequestered carbon.

Northern California-based DEN Soils is on a mission to clean up the dirty commercial soil industry. With entirely natural and locally sourced ingredients, as well as plastic-free, compostable packaging, their soils are the perfect base for indoor planting and outdoor gardens of all kinds.

Ingredients: OurCarbon™ biochar, aged fir bark, pumice*, worm castings*, kelp meal 1-0.1-2*, Microna*, oyster shell*, granular root growth mycorrhizal inoculum*.

Made in Northern California from local, California-based ingredients.

Contains ~6 cups of soil. 

*OMRI and/or CDFA certified.