De JONG & Co.

Tapered Rolling Pin in Natural Walnut Wood


Based on a traditional French baker's pin and designed in collaboration with Rachel De Jong, former head pastry chef of LA's Petit Trois.

The rolling pin's smooth and subtle taper allows for especial sensitivity and precision while rolling out dough. As functional as it is aesthetically elegant, easily manipulate the size, shape and density of your pie crusts, chapati, or any other large sheets of dough that require specific dimensions.

Finished with De JONG's in-house wood butter, a truly natural blend of petroleum byproduct-free, food-safe organic oils and waxes.

Based in Los Angeles, De JONG & Co. is truly a family affair – this design forward woodworks company is run by a family of 7. With combined histories in interior and furniture design, sculpture, and construction, the De Jongs have articulated a uniquely sophisticated collection of products for the contemporary home and lifestyle.

Materials: Walnut (Juglans) wood finished with food-safe wood butter (organic walnut [Juglans] oil, organic orange [Citrus sinensis] oil, organic beeswax, candelilla [Euphorbia antisyphilitica] wax, organic carnauba [Copernicia prunifera] wax).

Designed and made in Los Angeles.

Measures 18"x1.75"x1.75".