Tagine Donabe

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An incredibly versatile piece of cookware, this tagine-style donabe, named Fukkura-San, can be used hot or cold, and with or without the lid or stainless steel grate for a variety of techniques. Unlike other donabes, which are designed primarily for stews, rice, or braising, this nabe can be heated while empty and used for stir-fry and sautéing as well.

Replicating the best properties of traditional brick ovens for artisan bread baking in a compact form, the tagine donabe's dense base provides powerful conductive heat from below for exceptional oven-spring, while the domed lid surrounds loaves with radiating heat that wraps around them in the same shape they rise, while sealing in moisture for a perfect crust.

Traditionally used for stream-frying meat and vegetables, braising meats, or making a traditional North African tagine dish. The stainless steel grate and lid together allow the tagine to be used like a stovetop oven, surrounding foods with evenly distributed far-infrared rays of heat, so that root vegetables or meats can be thoroughly roasted right on the range.

For cold usage, as in sashimi or cold noodle dishes, soak the body and lid in water for a few minutes, then create a bed of ice for food to sit atop (or atop the grate). The evaporative cooling effect creates a mini-refrigerator at the table - excellent for fruit salads! Lid may also be used on its own, upside down, as a decorative bowl or filled with ice to chill ingredients.

Specifically for use on gas stovetops, over an open flame, or in an oven up to 500°F. Cannot be used on electric stovetops.

The finest in Japanese clay cookware, Nagatani-en's non-toxic, single-origin artisan ceramics are all produced in Japan's Iga region, famed for its clay, sourced from the 4-million-year-old Biwa lakebed. This unique porous clay is highly durable, with excellent heat retention, and forms the base for all of Nagatani-en's premium Iga-yaki pottery.

Materials: Clay from the Iga region of Japan, non-toxic natural glaze. Stainless steel grate.

Designed and made in Iga, Japan.

Measures: 12.5"x6.5".