Tokoname Teapot in Unglazed Iron Black Clay


This yokode-style Tokoname teapot, handcrafted by masterful potter Tatsuo Umehara, is oxidized during the final firing process to shift the iron compounds within the clay to a permanent, lustrous black color. With a low profile and elegant proportions, this understated piece of earthenware has a powerfully quiet energy that helps ground your daily tea ritual.

The thermodynamic properties of Tokoname's iron-rich clay are most ideally suited to Japanese green teas, but also pair well with white teas.

Features a baked-in ceramic strainer for easy steeping, and hollow handle to reduce heat transfer for safe handling during pouring.

Each teapot comes packaged in a beautiful paper box, making for easy gifting.

Materials: Unglazed Tokoname clay.

Designed and made in Japan.

Contains 9 oz. of liquid.