Cast Iron Lidded Fish Pan


Generously sized cast iron pan crafted using traditional Japanese 'nambu tekki' artisan techniques. Masterfully designed by Rikucho Ogasawara especially for cooking fish, this elegant and hefty pan works just as well cooking other meats and large dishes of all sorts. Comes with fitted lid to help dishes retain moisture and allow you to cook at a lower temperature.

Appropriate for both stovetop and oven use.

Care: After giving your new pan a few good rounds of seasoning* (even pre-seasoned cast iron appreciates a little extra love), focus on cooking high-fat dishes at moderate temperatures at first, and clean by scrubbing with a dishwashing brush or tawashi before pouring out excess fat, rinsing briefly with hot water, and wiping dry using a clean rag before re-oiling if needed. Cast iron loves fat and hates water, so scrubbing before rinsing is ideal to keep water contact minimal.

Never soak cast iron in water for extended periods of time – when using water, keep contact relatively short and immediately dry and re-oil until a strong seasoning has formed. Try to avoid using soap when cleaning cast iron – soap's oil cutting properties remove the natural fatty seal you're trying to build up.

Materials: Cast iron pre-seasoned with proprietary blend of tea, vinegar, fruit juices, and raw natural lacquer.

Designed and made in Japan.

Measures 11.75"x13"x4.5".

*We like to do a few rounds with fresh-pressed organic flaxseed oil before first use, and every now and then for upkeep.