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Diaspora Co.

Single Origin Aranya Pepper

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Arguably the most beloved spice on the planet, Diaspora's Aranya black peppercorns take this familiar spicy fruit to a whole new level. With wildly varied tasting notes of fig, red wine, and citrus, these heirloom peppercorns are sure to add a layer of complexity to any dish.

Use whole or grind by hand with a mortar and pestle or pepper mill just before use to ensure optimum flavor. Though this black pepper goes with practically everything, it's especially lovely as part of a masala chai, the kicker in any number of pickle recipes, or featured as the star ingredient in a main dish like cacio e pepe or pepper steak.

Highlighting the seasonality of spice farming, each batch is grown in small quantities using natural farming practices, and hand harvested from the vine at peak potency and freshness. Grown by the Parameswaran family farm in Thirunelly, Kerala.

Committed to transparency, each jar comes labeled with its harvest date.

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Based simultaneously in India and Oakland, California, Diaspora Co. is a queer, mission-driven business radically reinventing the spice trade. Breaking the traditional colonial-based model, Diaspora direct sources single-origin, organically farmed heirloom spices of the highest quality, all the while paying their farmers a minimum of double the standard industry rate and ensuring optimum potency and freshness.

Ingredients: Organic Aranya peppercorns (Piper nigrum).

Grown in Thirunelly, Kerala, India, and packed in Oakland, California.

Each jar contains 2.29 oz.